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Get Pregnant With a Girl

Are you looking for old fashioned names for girls or possibly a more traditional name for your daughter? Our parenting group did a bit of research and came up with a list of 50 possible choices that are as lovely today as they were back then. Old Fashioned Girls’ Names Agatha Agnes Amelia Audrey Bonnie Blanche Blythe Claire Cora Cynthia Dorothy Edith Eloise Esther Evelyn Florence Frances Gaia Gladys Greer Greta Harriet Hazel Helen Helena Henrietta Ida Iris Lucinda Lydia Mabel Margot Marietta Maude Melinda Nora Penelope Priscilla Ruth Selene Shirley

You’ve decided to have a baby! Great, just one problem. You want a girl. Is it possible to ensure that you get pregnant with a girl? In short, yes. There are a few methods that can aid in the process of trying to conceive a girl rather than a boy. But it can never be 100% sure to work every time. Here a few tips to keep in mind when you’re trying to conceive a little girl.   Do Use Certain Sex Positions By having sex in positions that are