Does Putting Legs In Air Help With Pregnancy?

laura lee pregnancy approachMany individuals believe that there are specific sex positions that help you to conceive a child. It is true that there are optimum positions that will increase your chances of conceiving. Having the woman’s legs in the air is one of those positions that helps sperm reach the egg at a much faster rate. There are also certain positions that decrease your chances of becoming pregnant because it stops the flow of sperm to the egg. So you may be curious to know which ones are better for conceiving a child.

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Effective Positions

Putting your legs up in the air does help the sperm travel faster. Almost all positions are effective with the exception of a few. Placing a pillow under your hips will help the sperm to flow easily as well. Sitting and standing are not good positions to use because it stops the flow of sperm from getting to the egg. Any type of sexual position that involves the elevation of the pelvis or legs is a good option for conception.

The most important thing to understand when you are trying to conceive a child is ovulation cycle and how it impacts your ability to become pregnant. Sexual positions have very little impact on your ability to get pregnant faster. Of course, the more elevated you are the better. It may be helpful to talk to your doctor about what positions are optimal for conceiving a child. While the legs in the air position is a good option, your doctor may have some other ideas for you.


While elevated sexual positions due tend to help the sperm get where it needs to go, it is not the only thing you do can do to help speed the process along. Understanding your ovulation cycle as well as your menstrual cycle, will help to insure you get pregnant much faster. Maintain a healthy weight as well as a healthy and nutritious diet to help get your body ready for a pregnancy.

New sexual positions may also help increase your chances of conception even though it is not the only way to make sure that happens. Combine all of these things into one regimen and you are sure to increase your chances by at least 30-50%. Be persistent, keep trying, and never give up on your dream to become a parent. It takes hard work at times but it is worth it.

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