False Positive Pregnancy Test – What Are The Chances?

false positive pregnancy testOnce question I get asked a lot is,…

 “What are my chances of having a false positive pregnancy test result?”

To answer that question, we first must understand exactly what a false positive reading is and why it might occur.

A false positive test result is when a pregnancy test indicates that a woman is pregnant, but in fact the woman is not. While not very common, they do indeed occur and can truly be a heartbreaking and frustrated situation for many couples that have been trying to conceive.

I usually tell couples in my parenting groups to wait at least a week after your first period before taking a home pregnancy test. This greatly minimizes the chances of getting a bad reading and allows the body to produce a suffice amount of hCG in your urine to be identified.  I also suggest waiting until mid-day to take the urine tests since high concentrations of hCG in your morning urine can sometimes throw off a test result.

Oh, and if you’re taking any sort of fertility drugs like Clomid, the chances of you having a false positive go up slightly.  Many couples opt to take multiple pregnancy test throughout the day to confirm a positive.  If you take 3 pregnancy tests and all 3 say you’re pregnant… then you’re probably pregnant 🙂

how accurate are pregnancy tests

Home pregnancy tests that test urine for hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) are considered 97% accurate by industry standards. In other words, the chances of having a false positive result is very very low since the presence of hCG needs to be identified in order for a “positive” result to be shown. And since your body only produces hCG when you are pregnant, the percent of getting the dreaded false positive is extremely low.

Still scared you might have a false positive?

Ask your doctor about getting a pregnancy blood test that will guarantee a correct result since it tests for multiple factors instead of just hCG.

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