Get Pregnant With Meditation

laura lee pregnancy approachMeditation can do many amazing things for your body and soul as it can help you relax, control your breathing, and reduce the level of stress you are under. One of the many causes of infertility is stress as relaxing and allowing your stress to melt away can allow you to more easily conceive. One form of meditation that is used to assist in fertility is called Japa and is the type of meditation that has you repeat a mantra over and over such as ‘baby’ or ‘love’ and ‘peace’. Many women have found that meditation allowed them to clear away their daily stresses and allowed them to become pregnant more easily.

How to Begin?

One of the easiest ways to begin meditating is to sit in a comfortable place or lie down, usually on a cushion and some place quiet. Take a few deep breaths and relax. Visualizations help to aid the meditation process such as picturing a blue sky where all your stresses, troubles, and worries are puffy clouds. At first your blue sky may seem rather crowded with minimal blue showing through all the clouds, with each exhaled breath, imagine blowing all the clouds away and allowing yourself to erase your troubles. If another cloud creeps back into the sky, focus on your breathing, acknowledge the thought, and then allow it to pass by as you concentrate on your breathing. Eventually your stress will melt away and thoughts will stop creeping across your blue sky. At this point is when you fill your head with whatever mantra you choose and allow yourself to bathe in this mantra while you continue to relax. You can say this mantra out loud which is what is suggested, or simply in your head over and over again.

Why it Works?

This works due to the simplicity of breathing which provides nutrients to the body such as oxygen. It’s definitely beneficial for someone trying to get pregnant over 40. Meditation releases toxins as well as enriches your blood with oxygen creating a healthier womb for you baby to grow until he or she is ready for their big debut. Meditation can also help you learn to breath properly and allow you to relax using various other techniques such as aromatherapy. The more relaxed you are the healthier you can be and assist your body in taking care of the little one that you have not yet created through preparation.

pregnancy with meditation