How To Get Pregnant With A Girl

laura lee pregnancy approachYou’ve decided to have a baby! Great, just one problem. You want a girl. Is it possible to ensure that you get pregnant with a girl? In short, yes. There are a few methods that can aid in the process of trying to conceive a girl rather than a boy. But it can never be 100% sure to work every time. Here a few tips to keep in mind when you’re trying to conceive a little girl.


Do Use Certain Sex Positions

By having sex in positions that are more shallow than others gives the female sperm the chance to reach the cervix before the male sperm does. Scientists have proven that female sperm live longer than male sperm. So if the sperm is as far away from the cervix as possible the male sperm could possibly die off before they get a chance to reach the cervix.

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Don’t Let the Female Orgasm

It isn’t a well-researched topic but some researchers believe that female sperm thrive in acidic environments while male sperm thrive in alkali environments. When a female orgasms it causes the environment to be more alkali than it is acidic.

Do Change Your Diet

This goes for both partners. By reducing potassium, sodium, and caffeine rich products and increasing the amount of magnesium, calcium, and acid rich products you can greatly increase your chance of having a girl. This aids in making the environment more acidic than it is alkali and will help the female sperm thrive while the male sperm die off.

Have Sex 2-3 Days Before Ovulation

Because female sperm generally stay alive longer than male sperm, having sex two to three days before ovulation can greatly increase the chances of the male sperm dying off before it is able to fertilize an egg and gives the female sperm a better chance. You can also use ovulation tests to help determine when to have sex and when to stop. Keep having sex while the test is only light pink. But be sure to stop when the color becomes darker and more prominent because this means that you are getting close to your ovulation date.

Old Wives Tales

Before people had the luxury of ovulation tests and before any of the above researches were made people had a quite peculiar way of trying to conceive a baby. Some say that if the woman seduces the man it will cause the baby to be a girl. Others swear that by eating lots of chocolate and sweats while you are trying to conceive it increases the chances of a girl. Some even say that the best time to conceive is a girl is under the light of a full moon.

Whether you believe these old wives tales or not they surely couldn’t harm the aid of trying to conceive a girl. You never know, maybe by eating a chocolate bar while having sex under a full moon after seducing your partner really is the best way to conceive a girl or get pregnant faster.


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